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You play the James Bond 007: Nightfire online multiplayer mode?
You are new in this game or just want to upgrade your style of playing?
We want that everyone has fun and the chance to play successful.

Our good old friend Ricecooker made a video called How to get good at Nightfire. He explains there very easily and clearly the basic settings and techniques you should know when you want to be a good player.

So we recommend to watch the video (it has 2 parts) and hope it brings you forward. If you have more questions, just click here and write it as a comment under the video or ask in our forums.
Part 1

1. setting up your game 0:50
2. aiming techniques 7:30
3. aiming while in combat 14:37
4. defense 21:26
5. gadgets 24:48

Part 2

1. methods to start pjump 2:48
2. maintaining pjump 5:45

Dont forget: When you become good one day, dont be unfair or arrogant towards new/bad players. Try to help them and stay friendly :)