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Welcome to the [NooB]-download-area!

[NooB]Fritz (the creator of Bread stroked with a selfmade marinade) collected and uploaded many old stuff for Nightfire. We want to present you these old treasures here.
We work ongoing on this project, so more downloads, descriptions and instructions will follow in the future.

Nice maps, mods, crosshairs and other stuff can be found here.
            cool maps like ctf_dust                                                                                      cid`s paintball mod

Many useful tools, especially for server-hosters, can be found here.

            you host a server and someone says bad words?...                        ...the bad word finder will find them!

Flag-, health- and game-mods can be found here.
you are bored of your standard health display (left)? get a new one (right)!                         2goldenbullets battlefield2-mod
Customized player skins, maps and models can be found here.
         cool models like the raven are useful when u create maps for nightfire                                    lets play ctf_parking

Accidently it happened that Ricecookers download link to the GSA chat programm disappeared temporarely. This was by no means intended. Gladfully we were able to recover this old treasure and we are happy to present the link again: 

GSA is a big chat lobby and gaming central for players from all around the world. Nightfire-players use it since over 10 years. For joining the Nightfire-Chatlobby download GSA, register and write there jbnightfire:// in any chat lobby. Then click on it and it will connect you with the nf-room.