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--- News ---
05/23/2020 Nice CTF_Dust Battle

Nice saturday evening fight today, playin the map CTF_Dust. See you all in game, boys n girls!

Since summer 2014 the server-browser in James Bond 007:Nightfire doesnt update anymore. If you want to continue playing Nightfire Multiplayer online, just download and install the Patch 

(click here).

You will then be able to play as before.

Meat your Friends @ Forum

--- Older News ---

03/08/2020 Still alive

Hell yea, we still exist. Get in touch with us in our forum.

08/03/2018 5 Years Nightfire [NooB]s
Happy Birthday to us!

Our little Community exists since 2013. So we look back at 5 Years Nightfire-Gaming & Beer and look forward to much more fun with all of you.
Join our Forum or meet us in game!

To celebrate our Birthday we have kebap for all. Its free:
05/19/2018 Interesting article about Nightfire

05/01/2017 15 years Nightfire: Happy Birthday!
Happy Bday NF!

since 2002 there is a community who plays james bond 007: nightfire online.

the last 15 years were sometimes more, sometimes less fun. there were times when more than 30 players played at the same time on a server.
a lot of clans were created, a lot left the game or fusioned into others. there were clanwars and scrims organised and even a league was formed.
most of the older players will remember the nice fights on the dutch union servers. there were also some fun servers like norulez or ashleys playground. other servers were for example extreme, neutrals vs neutrals or nopjump-servers. we shouldnt even forget servers like ezpz, mderms, only best players or happy place.

But there were bad times too, especially the time around 2011 was one of the biggest crisis in nf. almost all 24/7-servers were down. there were many reasons: the hosters didnt have enough motivation to pay and work for their servers alone, the community was criticized for being inactive and not supporting the servers they use. then 2012 active players started to reactivate the game, good servers came back and some older players were recruited. a new league that started in october 2012 was one result of this process. even when it wasnt a big success, the re-opening of servers and the try of reactivating clans and scrims was an important step to keep the nf community alive.

summer 2014 was a big catastrophe for nightfire: ea games stopped supporting the server browser. thanks to a nightfire patch its still possible to connect to servers, but of course since now it was more difficult to win new people for the online multiplayer mod.

in 2015 there started the project nightfire source, a game based on the original nightfire game that will be released on the source-engine. many old nightfire-players are part of the nightfire source developer-team. parallel still many players play the original game.

now, 2017, its time to say thanks to the community! thanks to all, noobs and pros, but especially to the active players and supporters. without them this game would have been died years agos.

there are many active players, who created websites, clans, mods, maps and other stuff -> special thanks to all of you too ;) but of course we shouldnt forget: the most active players alone didnt save the game. good servers are senseless when nobody is playing there. creating mods, websites etc. is senseless, when nobody is using them. so at least there can only be a big thanks to the whole nf community, all people who still play this game! See ya all in game ;)

12/29/2016 Flying with the Helicopter in CTF_Romania

Most of you already recognized it: In ctf_Romania was added a new feature. There is on every Base near the flag a helicopter. The players can fly and shoot rockets with it.

Press E to use the helicopter ...

... and have a nice flight :)

12/27/2016 New Year is coming

We NooBs wish all of you happy holidays! 2017 is near and this will be a special year: Nightfire will have its 15th birthday. We hope to see you all in game to celebrate this. Check out our page for news.

Aaaand, don`t forget - click the picture to see who are the coolest Kids in Town:


10/29/2016 Nicest Player 2016

Congratulations to Susi Wong, who was voted as Nicest Nightfire Player of the year 2016!


11/28/2015 Christmas Romania-Map

Howdy-Ho NooBs,

we have great news: There is a new Nightfire-Website online, called jbnf.info. Check it out :)
The other thing is, that a new Romania-Map with Christmas-Style was published. It was already hosted on some servers and it looks very nice:


09/13/2015 Timecounter for Level Walk-Through

Baggy created this cool video where he jumps through the map while a timer is counting his time (map designer can download the timecounter here). Enjoy:


06/25/2015 Beers, Pizza and dancing Trees for Nightfire

Hi NooBs,

on jimbond website are new fun downloads for 007:Nightfire, for example a beer-model and pizza-mod for handgrenades. Click here to Download

06/18/2015 Nightfire:Source-Event on June 20th

The Nightfire: Source Team has decided to host an event where all players will be able to play together and test the recent two updates.

Date: Saturday June 20th
Time: 4 PM EST (for most of America) / 22 PM CET (for most of Europe)
World Wide timetable: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/f ... 0T22&p1=16

We will also keep you informed about the event start moment via a Steam announcement.

Our plans are to play just in a couple of maps and have some good fun!

Let us know if you will be able to participate. We want to get as many players as possible!

More Information in the Nightfire:Source-Forum


04/06/2015 Support Nightfire:Source
Hey 007:Nightfire-Players,

we now start to support the new Nightfire:Source-game.

What is Nightfire:Source?

Nightfire: Source is a new game which is based on the James Bond 007: Nightfire PC and Console game and will be released on the Source engine.
Nightfire was a popular game released first in 2002 and reached its end. Now it's time to move on to a modern and new version of the game made by fans.

This game will contain classic content coming back in HD but also lots of new functions and features. We guarentee you will have a great time coming back!

Find more information here: www.nightfiresource.com

Baggy supports Nightfire:Source too, click here.


02/04/2015 [NooB]-tribute

[NooB]Baggylotto created a wonderful video-tribute to our community.



12/23/2014 The year 2014 ends... with some new Nightfire-stuff.

Happy winter-holidays everyone!

We wish you best relaxation on christmas and New Year and hope to see you 2015 in [NooB]-forum and of course in James Bond 007 Nightfire-Online game.

There are some news from the last months in a short summary:

Baggy published videos, for example TaRek pjumps and Spiderman model, and Fritz presented his PacMan-map.

Ego and Fritz created a Lego Mod (Download), see the trailer here:


09/23/2014 1 year Nightfire-[NooB]s

This month we celebrate 1 year [NooB]-Community website.
News will follow soon. Stay drunken - stay NooB!

06/05/2014 Server Browser News

EA Games said that Nightfire will have one more month the gamespy server-browser-support. So at the end of June it will be all over now, baby blue.

But there are new possibilities to keep the Nightfire online-gaming alive.

First thing everyone can do is writing a comment on EA-website or in their customer support forum. EA writes:

"We know some of these games are still fan favorites, including Battlefield 2, Battlefield 1942, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and Command & Conquer games. We are still investigating community-supported options to preserve online functionality for these titles, such as multiplayer."

Oh what a shame, they forgot in their list of gamespy-shutdown-affected games the fan favourite James Bond:Nightfire!!!
So lets all remember EA to investigate for our game. Ask them if they try to find solutions for the future of Nightfire online server-browser. The more people write them the more EA will see that there still is a big interest in this game.

In the case that EA wont be active, there are 2 other solutions. One is already named on this site, you will have to write the IP-adress of servers in future manually. We still collect IP-adresses of servers for those people who want to choose this way in future. So if you are a server-host and want that people play there after end of june, please contact us so that we can publish the IP-connection here.

The second solution is downloading a new Nightfire-Patch. It will connect you automatically to a new master-server who lists all Nightfire-servers then. Download the patch and find more informations here.

05/22/2014 Bnfpe-IP-adress

May 31 is near and Gamespy support for Nightfire server-browser will end then, as you all know. Luckily bnfpe-server is online again. It seems that you will be able to join it after May 31 by connecting to this IP-adress:

04/20/2014 Nightfire Server Browser will be down May 31, 2014

Howdy Community, we have bad news. On May 31 2014 Gamespy will shut down and this affects our game James Bond 007 Nightfire. The server-list in multiplayer mode wont show the online servers anymore. The list will look as empty as on this picture:
Actually there is only one solution to join servers after may 31 if they still will be hosted. You will have to enter the IP adress of the server manually.
                 (the number in the picture is just an example)
How do you know the IP of a server? Actually thats the biggest problem. We dont know which servers will still be hosted after may 31 and the famous bnfpe-server shut down this month. At the moment we only know that the server "happy place" will still be online. The hoster will send you the IP-adress of the server when you contact him:
happyplacenightfire [at] yahoo.com

We keep you up to date if there will be other possibilities to join the servers.

04/18/2014 bnfpe-server is down

The company bnfpe-server was rented from closed, so the server is down now. We had many great times there, R.I.P. bnfpe/ezpz-server

02/21/2014 Some News

In the last 2 months some things happened

#A server with a modified m7_island02 map is now 24/7 online

#Some beta-maps were released, for example dm_disco , SGU_Destiny_beta1 (find more infos at King-Ahmed-site and his guestbook) and ctf_bahnhofsmission

12/23/2013 Happy New Year!

We wish all our members happy winter-holidays and a wonderful 2014 full of Nightfire-gamefun!

11/22/2013 Games added

We opened a little games-corner. You can find there free website-online-games. Actually its our hungry friend Pac Man. We will add every month a different game. Game-suggestions can be given in forum.

Notice: Dont forget to play Nightfire ;-)

11/02/2013 Great Halloween-evening 2013

We say thanks to everyone who has joined the map ctf_haunted_romania2012 on WAR-server at october 31. Special thanks to {WAR}Kry for hosting it :)

Scroll down for some impressions of the evening

10/27/2013 Halloween is coming!

At october 31 the halloween-map ctf_haunted_romania2012 and some night-maps like dm_caviar or ctf_romanianight will be hosted on the WaR-Server. Everyone is welcome to join!
For questions and actual informations check out the halloween-thread.

10/17/2013 Zero Degrees Stuff online

Maps, mods and other stuff for Nightfire from Zero Degree`s old website are now available. Find them in our Download Area.

9/28/2013 Download Area is up

There will follow some Downloads soon


9/26/2013 How to get good at Nightfire

We added the section Tips & Tricks.


9/15/2013 New links added

We updated our Link-list. Your nightfire-website is not linked there? Contact us in our forum and we will add it :-)


9/08/2013 Welcome [Noob]-Community-forum

Our forum is online. Get your free acount now (click here)


9/05/2013 Goodbye jbnightfire-forum

jbnightfire.com - forum is offline. They write "We hope you have had a great time with us, it's been fun!". So let`s answer: Yes, it`s been fun and thanks for hosting this great forum such a long time (2009-2013)!